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WHAT IS A SLEEP STUDY (Polysomnogram)?

A Sleep Study, also known as Polysomnogram (PSG), is simply a recording of your sleep. This recording will evaluate your sleep pattern including snoring, irregular breathing, leg movement, heart rhythm and oxygen level. We utilize the latest technology available while maintaining an ambiance just like home. A video camera in the room will record your sleep.

Our well-trained sleep technician will place a number of sensors on your skin. They will be located in our tech room and will monitor you throughout the night.

After the overnight study, the test result is promptly evaluated by our Sleep Physician who will diagnose your sleep problem and recommend treatment.

Portable/Unattended/Home Sleep Testing (HST) 

HST is done in the home setting or in a healthcare facility as an unattended sleep study, and provides some of the same measurements as an in-lab sleep study (polysomnogram), such as brain waves, heart rate, nasal and oral breathing, sleep position, and levels of oxygen saturation.



The first step is to contact us by phone or e-mail. The Clinic Administrator is more than happy to answer all your questions. We treat all your personal information confidentially.

Prior to your visit, your physician, your child’s pediatric doctor or our physician boarded in Sleep Medicine can determine if you, your child or someone you know needs an overnight sleep study.

Once determined, a licensed and certified Sleep Technologist will conduct a nighttime sleep analysis at one of our Sleep Study Centers or at the convenience of your home.

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