A Sleep Study, also known as Polysomnogram (PSG), is simply a recording of your sleep. This recording will evaluate your sleep pattern including snoring, irregular breathing, leg movement, heart rhythm and oxygen level. We utilize the latest technology available while maintaining an ambiance just like home. A video camera in the room will record your sleep.

Our well-trained sleep technician will place a number of sensors on your skin. They will be located in our tech room and will monitor you throughout the night.



1.    “Khan did a great job of explaining further at each step.  He answered all my questions in detail.  I appreciated Kahn’s easy manner and friendliness.”
Olga Ferguson

2.    “I was made to feel very comfortable and was told everything that was to happen.”
Rose M. Costa

3.    “Alfredo was very cordial and personable.  Alfredo was exact with his instructions and made me feel at ease.”
Carmen Caldiron

4.    “He was very polite and explained everything, very professional.  He asked if I needed anything, offered me juice, use of the bathroom.  You have a very professional staff, the place is very clean and comfortable.  Everything is in order, very pleasant.”
Hilda Serrano, Wayne, NJ

5.    “Gigi was a wonderful help getting me comfortable, especially since this was a frustrating time for me.  She was very professional in explaining the procedures and making sure to answer any questions I had.”
Jacqueline Bashta

6.    “Gigi made me feel very comfortable.”
Joann Colussi Trubett

7.    “The technician was very pleasant and professional”
Ismael Falcot

8.    “The technologist was very professional n explaining the procedure and the symptoms of Sleep Apnea.”
Mario Figueroa

9.    “She explained the whole process.  The technician was very friendly, nice (great job) thanks.”
Maria C. Juarez

10.    “She was perfect – Professional courteous.”
N. McCall

11.    “Very friendly and professional, calm and nice atmosphere.”
John Zyra

12.    “Done professionally.”
Loleto Krusch – Coburn

13.    “Everything all right.”
Manuel Estevez

14.    “The technologist was great.”
Dilson DeBrito

15.     “Neat & clean location, friendliness of Therapist.  Cathy is great!”
Allen Boone

16.    “Clean (facility) and feels comfortable.”
Marisol Vasquez

17.    “Hours, exercises good.  I had no complaints.  I really enjoyed the therapy.”
Rhonda Horne

18.    “… This therapy helped me a lot.  I have been here many times for different problems I have.”
Magda Roggero

19.    “Neat and clean with a great staff.”
Cynthia Raysor-Beasley

20.     “The service, it is excellent.  There are very professional and responsible people.  That includes all of them.”
Ana Maria Sosa

21.     “Therapist was thoughtful and helpful.  Worked with me but pushed me.”
Barbara Lacaetena

22.    “In my experience, I can only compliment the therapists.  They were good at explaining what was happening every step of the way.
It was as very comforting atmosphere, not to mention very friendly, from the minute you walk in, you feel relaxed – and the anxiety of why you are there lessens.”
Kathleen van Dunk

23.    “Mia is an excellent therapist.  Her methods of treatment are superlative.  She is a wonderful image for your center.  I truly believe I was fortunate to have her help.  Feel Wonderful!
Adeline Hicswa

24.    “Having to spend 3 to 4 hours a week in physical therapy may be a burden for many with an already overextended schedule.  However, it is a pleasure to stuff your schedule of one more thing to do when you are greeted by Maya, one of the physical therapists at North Jersey.  Maya ensures that all of her patients feel comfortable doing the exercises outlined to combat their issues.  Not only is she concerned with meeting her patients’ physical therapy needs, she listens and accommodates their concerns.  Questioning what feels right for “you” is her goal.  She makes everyone feel like their situations are at the top of her priority list, even though there are 2 to 3 other patients in the therapy room.  How did it feel better after that stretch?  Was that too much for you?  Are you doing exercises at home?  What are you doing differently?  Or a simple, Are you o.k.?  Are among the many questions that can be found during Maya’s therapy sessions.  Yeah, it is what she is supposed to do, but her manner and winning personality stands out in comparison to the other physical therapists I have encountered.  Maya makes my experience a pleasurable one and that’s why I will recommend North Jersey.”
Angelique Eatman-Michel

25.    “My sincere thanks to the entire staff for their assistance and guidance in the Rehab Program.”
Lawrence Friedman

26.     “Nick, I think you are doing a great job.  I watch you with other patients & observe that you pay attention to their needs as necessary according to their condition.  Sanitation is very important to transplant patients such as myself and you are careful to wipe down each piece of equipment between patient use.  You encourage patients to do their best without pushing them beyond their self-imposed limits.  I will recommend you to others.
Ken Russel


“I was made to feel very comfortable and was told everything that was to happen.” Read more

“Khan did a great job of explaining further at each step.  He answered all my questions in detail.  Read more


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